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TVGuide Magazine Screencaps - or a little picspam out of the line

I'm a little underused right now as I'm again on a sick-leave (2013 isn't that healthy year for me I fear ...). And after TVGuide released that TCA-interview with the Grimm-cast yesterday and I've found a good (aka HD) source for it I decided to capture the whole thing. The David-G.-related caps you can also find now at TeamGiuntoli's Gallery, but I also captured the complete clip, so ... I thought you might like to see (and snag) some fresh-Grimm-caps.

So, here we go. Have fun with the pics!

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Go for it

David G.s Appeareance in "Finish Line"

For those doesn't know I'm now mostly capping for Team Giuntoli. But as the screencaps are still mine - well, why not share over here too? On this way, thanks to my dear new friend Kinny (still sick? :D Next time better listen to me, I'd my whole life to get those experiences :D) who helped me out with this movie and one of the shows David Giuntoli was guest in.

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Screencaps Warehouse 13 "Elements" - second take

After the horrible results I waited till I bought the DVD-box of this show so I could capture the episode in a way better quality. Now ... here they are, my second take (in better quality ;)) of JF's appeareance in Warehouse 13. As always: caps are free to snurch, but please do not thumbnail to my album. Copy and paste and everything's fine :).

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JF in "Birds of Prey"

Today I will share some more screencaps with you, this time JFs appeareance in "Birds of Prey". To blame is again CheekyBeckett and I will dedicate this entry again to her.

The caps aren't HD, some are blurry and you will miss parts of the fighting scenes. This because I've noticed while I made the caps that JF was doubled during the most parts of the fights. I tried to separate him from the stuntman (sorry, nameless guy! You did a great job) and I hope you will understand.

All caps are free to snurch - so, have fun with them :)!


And here you will find the rest.

Tru Calling - Screencaps from 1.03 Brother's Keeper

After the caps I've posted at GW seemed such a success (and I had some time free today) I captioned the JF-scenes from his appeareance in Tru Calling and want to share them with you. Also I want to dedicate this entry to syfyfan and Cheeky Beckett.

All caps are free to snurch and welcomed to use for everyone :). And ... I know, I'm late with this and there are some more pics with better quality out there. Besides that - have fun with the pics!

Here are some examples. For the complete album please follow the link: