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GRIMMArt Update

It's about time to share some stuff. Mostly made for grimm_challenge, sure enough, but maybe not everyone has seen it and wants to get something *hopeful*. Plus a couple of gifs I made after the request of a good friend of mine.

Well, why not start with those?

 photo piligif1_zpsxbqom3l2.gif  photo piligif2_zpsmzj3guf0.gif

Some icons:

Different version of 5 icon-set (different coloring):

 photo chall37wppdx_zpsx6g0b2mg.jpg  photo bitsieredbluewp_zpshn6iatpu.jpg  photo chall37wpgrimm_zpshp0hao07.jpg

WPs are thumbnails, click on the pic and you will be directed to the album-page where you can download the original size.
Everything's free to take and use. Credit/Comment would be great but not necessary. You know my drill ;)
Have fun with the stuff!
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Review: The killing Time (Grimm)

Autor: Tim Waggoner
Grimm Tie In Novel #03
Softcover: 272 Pages
Published by: Titan Books
published September, 30th 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1781166587
ISBN-13: 978-1781166581

A new deadly Wesen is in Portland, already started to leave a bloody trail of victims. While NIck is also battling his inner demons, he has to face possibly the worst of all his enemies. Not only to save Portland but also his friends ...

First of all my apologies for being late. This book was laying on my table since it was published but I never made it behind the first chapter. I wish I could blame my weird working schedules for this, but I have to confess it was more the time Waggoner set his story between: episodes 3.03 and 3.04. People knowing me also know that 3.03 is in my opinion most likely the worst episode of the whole show, while 3.04 for me is more of a shrugging off-episode - and yes, I still believe 3.03 is worse than 3.22. Nevertheless it took me a while to finally take the book and read it.

The problem with hired writers is that they tend to ... well not really absorb the material they have to work with. Yes, as a contracted writer you will get some background material about what you are about to write about. How to use this material is up to you. You can be the lucky one who also falls as much in love with this basics as the fans you are writing for, or you can shrug it off, write down the story and take the cash, not really interested in what you just did. For Grimm so far the fans had to deal with both sides of this coin: while John Shirley's Icy Touch was more of an original novel with a really ... open interpretation of what Grimm is about, John Passarella's Chopping Block was as close to the canon as possible. With Tim Waggoner there comes a third author to the playground and it was surely interesting to read his interpretation of Grimm.

First of all, the novel's good written, the story is actionpacked and you recognize the setting. When it comes down to the characters they are recognizable too but ... more about this part a little later. Waggoner obviously did some digging, he established a new Wesen (about this later as well) and the story was, talking Grimm-verse, logical in season 3 manners. But, here she comes, the Bad!Hyn, it's not as good as The Chopping Block.

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Early Ratings

Sorry, Jules and I are still with friends, so no long talk (or ranting). Promo pics I will post tomorrow when I'm home again, please check out grimmdailypic then. For now, the ratings:

I guess I lost my bet. I didn't thought Grimm would crash so fast so deep, but, here we go:
Grimm 4.02 got a 1.1 with only 4.55 million viewers in the early ratings (my bet was on 4.9 million, so ...)

Unfortunately Constantine (which had another awesome episode) is infected by Grimm's illness and only got a
0.9 with 3.92 million viewers.
Guys, turn in and watch Constantine. The show is good, only has a crappy and pathetic lead-in.


Ratings: Live&SD

So, the final numbers are out. Surprisingly Grimm was adjusted up a little and pulled 5.30 million viewers in front of their TVs for the season opener which is still a 1.5. Saying that the premiere had gained some viewers back, 15 % grown to season 3's finale to tell the truth.
But it's still the weakest premiere in Grimm's history. Just to compare, season 3 started with a 8.7 million viewers. That means the show lost within 22 episodes more than 3 million viewers - ouch!



Well, Constantine debutted in the early ratings with a 1.4. So far 4.30 Million people turned in to watch the Pilot (which, as we remember, was leaked in the internet this summer and only two scenes they changed, so ... not sure yet)