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Twitter Question & Answer with Reggie Lee Part 1

!I'm heeeeeere!Live Q&A has begun.Hit me w some questions!!I'll answer as many as I can from 2-3 pm PST.


I'll be on the road when the Q&A happens, so here's mine. :D Can we expect to see any Wu-men in Wu's life?
Reggie Lee

women...possibly. Wu-men...hope not.


Are you the joker on set?  Prankster? How often do you crack up over Wu's 1 liners?
Reggie Lee

David Giuntoli has been known to jest

Vanessa Strickler

Will we ever get to know a little about Wu's background and my pet peeve for a first name (Louis) Lou Wu. It works!
Reggie Lee

god I hope so! And...love Lou...and Louis. Will we know? Is that his name?  Tune in.

Heidi Muller

What are some of your favorite things to do in Portland during your time off?
Reggie Lee

eat. Eat. And eat. Ski.


How did you get to be a part of Grimm?
Reggie Lee

auditioned for "Hank"...went to the incomparable Russel Hornsby  ! They created the role of "Wu"for me...

Why would i ask Reggie Lee using the #/askgrimm hashtag it should be #AskWu he isn't a Grimm ya idjits
Reggie Lee


Fallon Brown ♕

Does Wu have a first name or should I just stick with sergeant?
Reggie Lee
”rumor has it...it's coming up. Suggestions?


any chance sgt wu will discover the world of Grimm?

Reggie Lee
chance?there is a chance.How much?youll have 2 tune

Brandon Moore

What's your favorite Wu-ism from the show so far?
Reggie Lee

I think these murders were committed by a barefoot man carrying a wolf

Grace Valentino

In the promo Wu says he has a cat. He didn't adopt Magique (Adalinds kitty) did he?
Reggie Lee

oh hell no! Get that kitty away from me. Samson is much nicer! And more sarcastic!


What has been your favorite Wu-pun thus far?
Reggie Lee

is this a homicide or a book-a-cide? Still gives me a tickle.

Ed Hurtley

What is the biggest challenge, and what is the biggest perk, of working with real police officers?
Reggie Lee

good one! Getting to see the inner workings of a police force! Dedicated and badass they are!

Bree Turner

How can Wu stand to be so sexy?
Reggie Lee

How can Wu stand to be so sexy?”what do you mean? He CAN'T stand it!


What's been your favorite episode to shoot this season?
Reggie Lee

they're all great but the one tonight sticks out.tune in

Robert Atchley

What's it like working with the great cast you work with?
Reggie Lee

heaven...I'm in heaven (I just sang that)

Hope Lione

what over character would u want to play in Grimm???
Reggie Lee

The lieutenant. Then the captain. Then the commissioner.

Mariele Figueiro

i want to know do you think jb is jonas brothers or justin bieber??? say jonas hahah jk
Reggie Lee

Taylor swift

Mariele Figueiro

what is your fav episode from first season???
Reggie Lee

all the eps where I ate (food and otherwise)

An elephant's word

Does Sgt Wu like Hank better or NIck better?
Reggie Lee

hahahahaha. Gimme a second.

Kyle Bounsall

what's been your favorite moment since Grimm has started back to season 1
Reggie Lee

celebrating w the cast 30 min after pickup

An elephant's word

Does Wu have a happy dance? He looks like he does
Reggie Lee

yes.  David Giuntoli will show it to you.

Talita de Oliveira

Any episode that marked you?
Reggie Lee

physically...no. Emotionally...scarred for life.

Nicole J

What kind of Wesen do you think Wu would like to be?
Reggie Lee


Mariele Figueiro

Reggie Lee



Grimm's men are all handsome! I love u! hahaha Mister Giuntoli
Reggie Lee

do u love me or David?confused

Kendall Jarrett

Did Wu have a favorite food (item) to eat last season?
Reggie Lee

carpet...also known as...cotton candy

Victoria Strachan

Whats the weirdest thing you've been asked to do for Grimm
Reggie Lee

um...eat Chapstick,carpet,paper clips,and coins?

Ashley Goldsmith

does Wu have a girlfriend? :P
Reggie Lee

in his mind....for now.

Team Giuntoli

What's your idea of a perfect day?
Reggie Lee

one spent with family and friends...and wine...and dessert

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