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TVGuide Magazine Screencaps - or a little picspam out of the line

I'm a little underused right now as I'm again on a sick-leave (2013 isn't that healthy year for me I fear ...). And after TVGuide released that TCA-interview with the Grimm-cast yesterday and I've found a good (aka HD) source for it I decided to capture the whole thing. The David-G.-related caps you can also find now at TeamGiuntoli's Gallery, but I also captured the complete clip, so ... I thought you might like to see (and snag) some fresh-Grimm-caps.

So, here we go. Have fun with the pics!

 photo 002_zps65a3b7a5.jpg  photo 004_zps82f0d914.jpg  photo 001_zps4dac6850.jpg
 photo 076_zps0641b508.jpg photo 005_zps81cb6d44.jpg  photo 009_zpsba557b24.jpg
 photo 021_zpse03f1cd0.jpg  photo 018_zpsa4514a9f.jpg  photo 019_zps6da51519.jpg
 photo 015_zps4c6a205a.jpg  photo 016_zps92e1db8a.jpg  photo 020_zpsbb08d4a3.jpg
 photo 023_zpsd6d52e42.jpg  photo 027_zps15483f7c.jpg  photo 026_zpsf751e4bb.jpg
 photo 010_zps1253ed3f.jpg  photo 011_zps0dfa368c.jpg  photo 013_zps62a80bdc.jpg
 photo 049_zps38813093.jpg  photo 051_zps88065247.jpg  photo 057_zps78242328.jpg
 photo 039_zps1f387f8e.jpg  photo 037_zps674111a4.jpg  photo 036_zps494aafbd.jpg
 photo 047_zps4a43c1f3.jpg  photo 052_zpsfe68ee0d.jpg  photo 031_zps1c217029.jpg
 photo 030_zps7624ae89.jpg  photo 076_zps0641b508.jpg  photo 069_zps41d65fa2.jpg
 photo 065_zpsa05dec9f.jpg  photo 055_zpsab6198bf.jpg  photo 061_zpsdf8531a6.jpg
 photo 088_zps0cc73ae9.jpg  photo 086_zps6c4de2bc.jpg  photo 085_zpsb7b0ca60.jpg
 photo 075_zps0e45acad.jpg  photo 073_zps71a05dc9.jpg  photo 074_zps569068a5.jpg
 photo 102_zps93c4dbd8.jpg  photo 103_zpsd7836c04.jpg  photo 104_zps3bcba0c1.jpg

Complete album you can find here.
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