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Update Grimm mood-theme for LJ and a new Nick/Monroe set

Just to give you an update:
I'm still busy with creating a Grimm-related mood-theme for LJ. Nearly half of the emotions are done now *reliefed sigh*. But it takes much longer than I expected it would because I decided to animate the new theme. Some examples?


Feel free to figure out yourself which emotions this ones could be :P..
As this time I want to leave the theme to everyone I hope with this little examples I gave you something you all can look forward to :), I know I do :D.

Okay, besides the work on the mood-theme I did also a new set on the weekend I want to share. This time Nick/Monroe (as they are my boyz :D). It's complete, two icons, banner and WP. So, have fun with it!



Yep, it's completely taken from the official Season2-poster. I always thought, Monroe is ways too short on that one ;) (and BTW I adore that poster, it's hanging in my bedroom right above my bed - never found better sleep in my life ;)).

Feel free to snurch (NO hotlinking!) if you like. But I really would be glad if you would let me know if you like or not like what I'm doing here. True, I make all the fanstuff for fun, but one or two times a little feedback is very welcome :).

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