Hyn (hyndara71) wrote,

Health Update

It's been a while, huh? Well, unfortunately it took too long. My doctor ran out of patience (along with me by the way) a couple of months ago. That means surgery, that means a high risk that I might not be able to use my legs afterwards. That means 17 hours on the table, which is also risky for my system.

Well, today I got the date as the doc didn't want to do the surgery without putting me straight to rehab afterwards. And that took two months before the rehabilitation was granted and there will be a bed in a hospital with my name on it. Luckily I can take my cat with me to rehab, which is a relief for me. A social worker will look after her while I'm in the hospital, which means she won't go to the shelter at all (which is much more of a relief. I took Jules from the local shelter five years ago, and she is still terrified about her stay there).

I will go to the hospital for the surgery on August, 3rd and won't be around during August at all. That's sad because I really was looking forward to this years naarmamo . I doubt that I will be online much at all next month, maybe I will look from time to time with my cellphone (but we all here know what a pain in the butt LJ is on mobile devices ... ;)). I might not have been very talkative during the past months but I still read the entries from my f-list, even I'm not that much commenting anymore. But I will definetely miss you all here.

Well, I hope we will see again afterwards, hopeful then with a working and not longer aching back of mine 
Tags: backpain, health, rl

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