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Fading pics
A Place to dream
Fanart Update 
13th-Jun-2015 04:52 pm
Me think it's about time to do a little update as I was a bit busy with creating icons the past weeks. I also did a couple of gifs people may like or not. Well, let's start with those :)

 photo forever_zpslldfxhke.gif  photo izombie_zpsgri5c0gy.gif  photo salem_zpsekkid4cc.gif
 photo madamsecretary_zpswxxva3s1.gif  photo hannibal_zpsdcmoxsej.gif
 photo mockingjay_zpstnadypgx.gif


Black Swan:


12 Monkeys:


Dig/Forever/Stalker/The Messengers/Stargate Atlantis/Wayward Pines

How to get away with Murder:

Secrets & Lies



Terms as usual. Have fun with the stuff, everything's free to take and use :)

13th-Jun-2015 07:42 pm (UTC)
Oh my god... some really, really beautiful icons... the BLAINE one of iZOMBIE is just as much perfection as the Ravi one... they are both really awesome and the coloring is just really perfect. I love them :D

The Outlander are so gorgeous too!

I mean, they all are, you did a great job :D
15th-Jun-2015 05:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad you like them :)
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