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Some Update ... handmade stuff

Somehow I figured I could also update on my ... uhm, knitting/stitching/crocheting stuff. So, why not? This is stuff I made during winter and spring. So, feel free to ignore:

needed new curtains for my apartment-door and figured I could, instead of one longer, do some smaller and put them directly to the little windows. I sort of like it:

 photo IMAG1896_zpsbkc5owfw.jpg  photo IMAG1895_zpsds3nxip6.jpg

Then I returned to decorate my kitchen "new". I have to say, this one lay around for 20 years or so before I finally stitched it. Not sure if it fits as I had originally planned something else for that wall, but I'm okay with it:

 photo IMAG1917_zpszgowyfmg.jpg  photo IMAG1916_zpspqolr52s.jpg

And to the knitting part of this entry.

 photo IMAG1878_zpssl6nvfeh.jpg

2 jackets:
Actually, the first one I knitted last year but I didn't finish because I only stitched one time before on knitted pattern which ended in a desaster. So I needed around half a year before I finally did the stitching. The "flowers" are crocheted as I didn't find a way to let them look good stitched.

 photo IMAG1996_zps5tbhfxbn.jpg  photo IMAG1995_zpsgptrgdgr.jpg

And, last but not least, two new shirts for friends (two more are in making for fandomaid):
 photo IMAG1889_zps0pfp0f2n.jpg  photo IMAG1867_zpsimxvca6h.jpg
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