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Picspam Nick in 1.17 Love Sick

Another of my favourites from season 1. The third time the GrimmGang is working together, and this teamwork is getting better an better. And, as we know now, beside the Pilot and 1.13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau most likely the most important episode of the show as here Adalind gets her reason for what she's doing in the finale later, what will cause what happens in season 2 and finally (as far as its known) cause the 3rd season finale - somehow (if someone would explain to me, please, how to whatever-shes-done-with-Nicks-Grimm will help her getting her Hexenbaby back - which IS already reduced to a normal child, come on, we are talking the biggest Wesen-hater on earth here!).

Well, okay, besides my, as you can see, still existing problems I think 1.17 deserves a picspam, as it was one hell of an episode. Same memo than ever: pics free to take and use, commenting - AWESOME! but not necessary. Full album you will find at TeamGiuntoli's Gallery.

Have simply fun with the pics and hopeful some nice memories like I had during capping :)

 photo LS-117-009_zpsba3421c2.jpg  photo LS-117-019_zps7538e837.jpg  photo LS-117-018_zpsf0e9ab43.jpg

 photo LS-117-036_zpsaa72b4cc.jpg  photo LS-117-037_zpsf72b1dac.jpg  photo LS-117-043_zps82aa13e7.jpg
 photo LS-117-051_zps70d6f965.jpg  photo LS-117-055_zpse345924b.jpg  photo LS-117-061_zpseeb28c37.jpg
 photo LS-117-077_zps1a4132bc.jpg  photo LS-117-091_zps1f66cb86.jpg  photo LS-117-094_zps4b39203c.jpg
 photo LS-117-100_zps72e8f58f.jpg  photo LS-117-109_zps7ec3bb17.jpg  photo LS-117-115_zps8eb46a1f.jpg
 photo LS-117-120_zps77073b4c.jpg  photo LS-117-136_zpse1b50452.jpg  photo LS-117-140_zps45386004.jpg
 photo LS-117-144_zpsba2054eb.jpg  photo LS-117-153_zps5b8b89a3.jpg  photo LS-117-160_zps8f15cec0.jpg
 photo LS-117-170_zps61742563.jpg  photo LS-117-180_zpsa77458ec.jpg  photo LS-117-183_zps2391b8cc.jpg
 photo LS-117-195_zps3f89ed2d.jpg  photo LS-117-194_zps18b07044.jpg  photo LS-117-206_zps6110be3f.jpg
 photo LS-117-211_zps4fbaa866.jpg  photo LS-117-223_zps1cc02aa8.jpg  photo LS-117-226_zps603b22c3.jpg
 photo LS-117-238_zpsc56b5d14.jpg  photo LS-117-247_zps3a777d65.jpg  photo LS-117-254_zps7d1da234.jpg
 photo LS-117-259_zps7bf71642.jpg  photo LS-117-264_zps55e4097c.jpg  photo LS-117-275_zps51996050.jpg
 photo LS-117-280_zpsd8ff8a8d.jpg  photo LS-117-293_zps8e79ec17.jpg  photo LS-117-298_zps4de6d095.jpg
 photo LS-117-308_zps95cee003.jpg  photo LS-117-321_zpsd16686d5.jpg  photo LS-117-323_zps77e300e6.jpg
 photo LS-117-325_zps4757f3cc.jpg  photo LS-117-336_zps24369503.jpg  photo LS-117-343_zps27f0366f.jpg
 photo LS-117-351_zps6e79d970.jpg  photo LS-117-361_zps249d006f.jpg  photo LS-117-365_zps1406dfb9.jpg
 photo LS-117-369_zpsb51a8244.jpg  photo LS-117-376_zps7245696b.jpg  photo LS-117-389_zpsa8a67f98.jpg
 photo LS-117-403_zps05b12160.jpg  photo LS-117-406_zps8e69e67e.jpg  photo LS-117-417_zpscef5185a.jpg
 photo LS-117-421_zpsce260070.jpg  photo LS-117-427_zpsc2314370.jpg  photo LS-117-434_zps2e28ccdf.jpg
 photo LS-117-444_zpse00e32ef.jpg  photo LS-117-454_zps1f311466.jpg  photo LS-117-460_zpsfbef0deb.jpg
 photo LS-117-473_zpsf7ca0d73.jpg  photo LS-117-478_zps88df611c.jpg  photo LS-117-484_zps35579d41.jpg
 photo LS-117-494_zps968b3ed4.jpg  photo LS-117-500_zpse7b4d9d1.jpg  photo LS-117-510_zpsf8ca1dbb.jpg
 photo LS-117-513_zps9efb7bc4.jpg  photo LS-117-516_zpsbbb59ccd.jpg  photo LS-117-520_zpsf48b8a56.jpg
 photo LS-117-532_zps3df5a663.jpg  photo LS-117-544_zpsff7fb914.jpg  photo LS-117-550_zps8ea726f5.jpg
 photo LS-117-557_zps1be415ef.jpg  photo LS-117-563_zpsa98f1e69.jpg  photo LS-117-576_zpsebde725d.jpg
 photo LS-117-583_zps63024eac.jpg  photo LS-117-585_zpsad339d43.jpg  photo LS-117-597_zpsfb6033ee.jpg
 photo LS-117-618_zpsf93dc26f.jpg  photo LS-117-619_zps135905b6.jpg  photo LS-117-624_zpse39e1aca.jpg
 photo LS-117-628_zps6ff8c43c.jpg  photo LS-117-632_zpsb46ec39e.jpg  photo LS-117-643_zps147a9f5f.jpg
 photo LS-117-649_zps5b9a1da7.jpg  photo LS-117-648_zpsb3a9d6aa.jpg  photo LS-117-668_zps3551398f.jpg
 photo LS-117-674_zps0edef6e1.jpg  photo LS-117-682_zps311179b6.jpg  photo LS-117-688_zpsb9d5606c.jpg
 photo LS-117-709_zps79b6de6e.jpg  photo LS-117-710_zps1df927eb.jpg  photo LS-117-717_zpsc18a1f65.jpg
 photo LS-117-720_zpse63fb942.jpg  photo LS-117-726_zps0e1824af.jpg  photo LS-117-740_zpsd10b625b.jpg
 photo LS-117-741_zps9323dc0c.jpg  photo LS-117-743_zpsfdef12e0.jpg  photo LS-117-752_zps6039a3c4.jpg
 photo LS-117-770_zpsf3dccba6.jpg  photo LS-117-775_zps48746b8d.jpg  photo LS-117-782_zps808dd2dd.jpg
Tags: grimm, nbc, picspam
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