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Sasha at TV-Festivale Monte Carlo

He's in good company after last year Bitsie, Reggie and Russell were there. This time Sasha, and he just tweeted that he's off now for dinner with the prince. Well, that, I would guess, is a sort of Royal meeting then ... ;).

The pics came in via different sources, some are from Sasha, others ... I don't know exactly. I post them as thumbnails, so you can click on the image and see the original size.

 photo BpxYdo-CAAAl1vN_zpsaeb38ac0.png  photo BpxUXNSIYAAQmUh_zps9939483c.png  photo BpxXVuzIgAALduX_zpsdc5e9e6e.jpg

 photo BpyA-prIMAAjfLJ_zpsb34ddc0d.jpg  photo BpxSr5xCEAIl-Hk_zps7e22747a.png  photo BpxdFXHIQAIDTCT_zpsa568eef9.png
 photo BpxX9l7CEAAXc4E_zps69206b8e.jpg  photo BpxWEaECMAA3esY_zpsdd91a54c.jpg  photo BptrniMIIAAOAS5_zps409af4c3.png
 photo BpuiNvrCMAE65wr_zps8c77327e.png  photo BpxEkC9IIAAIo75_zpsd5faf374.jpg  photo BpwR4asIgAAe_Uv_zps9c4c8c12.jpg
 photo BpwmunOCQAA4dLE_zps075aa065.jpg  photo Bpw8qL2IQAEueUA_zps44dfed1a.jpg  photo Bp2dlS8CUAEKCKT_zpsda0e89bf.jpg
 photo Bp2dlXMCIAAUVy8_zps83c19ced.jpg  photo Bp3lKxGIAAAgGvy_zpsa5f500fe.jpg  photo Bp0GGvLCUAEIBFP_zps6cfe5059.png
 photo Bp3928NIAAAlDDv_zpsb32a8b7e.png  photo Bp35eVXIgAEjgcc_zps4b23dd26.png  photo Bp4WWDdCMAAX4YO_zpsb35330e8.png
 photo BpwmunOCQAA4dLE_zps2db1085a.jpg  photo BpyqFnfCQAAQE8c_zpsdfbf4fb2.jpg  photo BpyzEa-IgAAf3vo_zps4c399c4b.jpg
 photo BqFUU4kCMAAavIk_zpsdec878bb.jpg  photo BqFsmKPCEAEm2zP_zps4078a1ae.png  photo proxy_zps0900f8e7.jpg photo BqEEa0dCIAIDowi_zps559423a8.png

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