June 10th, 2014


Sasha at TV-Festivale Monte Carlo

He's in good company after last year Bitsie, Reggie and Russell were there. This time Sasha, and he just tweeted that he's off now for dinner with the prince. Well, that, I would guess, is a sort of Royal meeting then ... ;).

The pics came in via different sources, some are from Sasha, others ... I don't know exactly. I post them as thumbnails, so you can click on the image and see the original size.

 photo BpxYdo-CAAAl1vN_zpsaeb38ac0.png  photo BpxUXNSIYAAQmUh_zps9939483c.png  photo BpxXVuzIgAALduX_zpsdc5e9e6e.jpg

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