September 7th, 2013


Bitsie for Parkland

The premiere of Parkland in North America will be on the Toronto Film Festival, which just started last night. While the premiere of the movie for the US will happen a bit later this month, so US-fans, stay tuned! So far at least one of the actors/actresses of Parkland were choosed to promote the movie on different festivals. Now it's time for Bitsie to do so. As you have already known if you are following grimmdailypic, she arrived at Toronto airport on Thursday.

Here now two vids/articles about Parkland and Bitsie:

CP24 Breakfast - Bitsie Tulloch

TIFF Red Carpet:

Thanks to GrimmAustralia for finding these :)

Review: The Bridge (US)

I'm sorry, dunderklumpen, I really tried the original. But somehow I'm too used for the US versions, so I stepped aside after 1 episode of the original and watched the US version. But I'm with you, let us say, the US-writers weren't that ... uhm ... creative in writing and establishing their own base to rebuild the story from that.

After a power breakdown there's a body found on the bridge that is also the border between USA and Mexico. The corpse is lying directly on the borderline, one half on the US, the other on the Mexican side. So both police departments are called in. But Marco Ruiz, the mexican detective, is really reliefed after he could hand over the complete case to his US counterpart Detective Sonya Cross, he's almost stressed and revised.

But not only the crime scene is getting comprimized when an ambulance with a dying man crosses the bridge with Marco's agreement, also the found body turns out as two bodies, one of them a US judge. Sonya starts her investigation immediatly, but she has to realize, she needs Marco to solve the case. Not easy for a woman with a mental handicap ...

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