March 30th, 2013


Twitter Question & Answer with Reggie Lee Part 1

!I'm heeeeeere!Live Q&A has begun.Hit me w some questions!!I'll answer as many as I can from 2-3 pm PST.


I'll be on the road when the Q&A happens, so here's mine. :D Can we expect to see any Wu-men in Wu's life?
Reggie Lee

women...possibly. Wu-men...hope not.


Are you the joker on set?  Prankster? How often do you crack up over Wu's 1 liners?
Reggie Lee

David Giuntoli has been known to jest

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BELLOMag behind the scenes: David Giuntoli

You surely remember those awesome photos, taken by Aleksander Tomovic for the BELLOMag issue No44 (aka March 2013). Now BELLO also released a little vid with some BTS-stuff from the shooting. Nto that long but surely ... beardy!David always worth a look, especially when it comes to BELLO *thud*.


And thanks again to DingoSue at Twitter for making this public (love you, sweetie!)