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Fading pics
A Place to dream
Picspam: Bitsie on Parkland 
25th-Nov-2013 09:19 pm
I think it's the best time to post the caps tonight. Review I did a while ago, so if you are interested, go here:


If you are interested in using the caps, you are very welcome to do so. Caps are free to take, comment would be nice but not necessary. You know the procedere. Full album you can find here.

And here we go. I hope you will have a little fun with the caps:

 photo PL-001_zpsb1cf4312.jpg  photo PL-004_zpsc66c93df.jpg  photo PL-007_zps2e88f532.jpg

 photo PL-010_zps9c2d80dd.jpg  photo PL-015_zpsfda00e18.jpg  photo PL-017_zpse30696b1.jpg
 photo PL-019_zps5c96672a.jpg  photo PL-022_zpsd396fb35.jpg  photo PL-024_zpsc668232b.jpg
 photo PL-025_zpse18082ef.jpg  photo PL-026_zpsd1582e23.jpg  photo PL-027_zpsfbe0ca6a.jpg
 photo PL-028_zpsf4f05b54.jpg  photo PL-029_zps97ff437f.jpg  photo PL-030_zps8e7879ee.jpg
 photo PL-032_zpsc6762f33.jpg  photo PL-034_zpse0ad05d5.jpg  photo PL-035_zpsbfea4662.jpg
 photo PL-036_zps9ea9546c.jpg  photo PL-037_zps09d373bb.jpg  photo PL-038_zps7e3be4e6.jpg
 photo PL-039_zps6707825a.jpg  photo PL-040_zps5cea5479.jpg  photo PL-042_zps7969513b.jpg
 photo PL-045_zpse393f608.jpg  photo PL-046_zps9d774d19.jpg  photo PL-047_zps8dc0e57f.jpg
 photo PL-044_zpsd1f26d8f.jpg  photo PL-043_zps2566967b.jpg  photo PL-048_zps20747e3b.jpg
 photo PL-049_zps9d30bb77.jpg  photo PL-050_zps1569e43d.jpg  photo PL-052_zps3aea6d56.jpg
 photo PL-055_zps2b2979d9.jpg  photo PL-056_zps58589094.jpg  photo PL-057_zpsf00df498.jpg
 photo PL-062_zpse8741bef.jpg  photo PL-063_zps8306cf54.jpg  photo PL-060_zps15a95a3d.jpg
 photo PL-064_zps8c3b69cd.jpg  photo PL-065_zps56c43f96.jpg  photo PL-068_zps18012976.jpg
 photo PL-072_zpsc51cde72.jpg  photo PL-073_zps5a3a7ee0.jpg  photo PL-075_zps0becabf6.jpg
 photo PL-080_zpsb403a635.jpg  photo PL-079_zps4801b638.jpg  photo PL-082_zpsc44c29a1.jpg
 photo PL-085_zps0d2244fa.jpg  photo PL-083_zps35dd9001.jpg  photo PL-086_zpsb2ac12d3.jpg
25th-Nov-2013 11:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks a whole lot :)
I really liked the movie and already pre-ordered the DVD :)
And besides Bitsie it had lots of actors I like - for example Colin Hanks who I admire since "Roswell" and that's FOREVER ago ;-)
26th-Nov-2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
I did so too :D.
I have to say, I'm really trying to find out more about Paul Giamatti. I don't think I ever saw him before but his acting was stunning for me. Others I know, surely Gil Bellows (heck, who doesn't know Gil Bellows and had watched only one episode of Ally McBeal?), Billy Bob Thornton of course, somehow I thought your Colin Hanks I've seen somewhere before but haven't checked him out via ImDB. Roswell? Mh, I tried that one but somehow forgot about it. Could be that I saw him there.
26th-Nov-2013 05:52 pm (UTC)
Roswell was "forever" ago... at least 10 years or such, but that's where I saw lots of actors for the very first time. I loved that show *lol*

He also had a bigger role in "Dexter" if you've ever seen that!
And just recently I've caught him on Navy CIS :)
26th-Nov-2013 06:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I remember, it was on TV on Saturday afternoons in the 1990.
Nope, I didn't watch Dexter, only season 1, and I never watched NCIS. So ...
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