Xmas 2014

Merry Christmas - about a special walk down memorylane

Personal Note:
Feel free to ignore because the following might sound a little weird and personal. But I really, really have to share this because I possibly got myself my personal very best christmas present ever - after eight weeks desperation.

But first things first. A Merry Christmas to you all! Happy Holidays and I hope a ton of Christmas Spirit :).

Let's start the story:

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Health Update

It's been a while, huh? Well, unfortunately it took too long. My doctor ran out of patience (along with me by the way) a couple of months ago. That means surgery, that means a high risk that I might not be able to use my legs afterwards. That means 17 hours on the table, which is also risky for my system.

Well, today I got the date as the doc didn't want to do the surgery without putting me straight to rehab afterwards. And that took two months before the rehabilitation was granted and there will be a bed in a hospital with my name on it. Luckily I can take my cat with me to rehab, which is a relief for me. A social worker will look after her while I'm in the hospital, which means she won't go to the shelter at all (which is much more of a relief. I took Jules from the local shelter five years ago, and she is still terrified about her stay there).

I will go to the hospital for the surgery on August, 3rd and won't be around during August at all. That's sad because I really was looking forward to this years naarmamo . I doubt that I will be online much at all next month, maybe I will look from time to time with my cellphone (but we all here know what a pain in the butt LJ is on mobile devices ... ;)). I might not have been very talkative during the past months but I still read the entries from my f-list, even I'm not that much commenting anymore. But I will definetely miss you all here.

Well, I hope we will see again afterwards, hopeful then with a working and not longer aching back of mine 

Hannibal cancelled

That's sad news, but I saw it coming all along, watching the ratings season 3 gets so far :'(.
Well, at least NBC will air the entire season and not drop it now. And, honestly, I cannot blame the network. NBC let this show survive on horrible ratings for the past two seasons, they had tons of ads for Hannibal. It's not their fault, its the audience, sadly but true.

So sorry to see this little gem go ...


Vernissage "Projekt Armut"/"Project Poverty"

A/N: Kleiner Vorteil nach einem halben Jahr Praktikum an der Buehne, man nimmt mich als Kuenstlerin mittlerweile zumindest ansatzweise wahr - ich bekomme Einladungen zu anderer Leute Ausstellungen ;)

Die Kuenstlerin Jana Merkens mag noch relative neu sein in der Kunstszene, dies ist erst ihr zweites oeffentliches Projekt und die junge Dame ist immer noch hauptberuflich Studentin. Dennoch liegt ihr das Thema Armut in Deutschland am Herz. Unter dem Titel "Armut, Obdachlosigkeit und Hartz IV - bei uns in Soest" stellt sich Merkens der interessierten Oeffentlichkeit.

Die Ausstellung besteht aus verschiedenen Dioram-aehnlichen Szenerien, in der Merkens sowohl die Realitaet wie auch die Fiktion darzustellen versucht. Mit Hilfe handgefertigter Puppen, Miniaturmoebel und alter Teppiche/Tapeten zeigt die Kuenstlerin, was sie selbst recherchiert hat. Nach eigener Auskunft machte ein Aufenthalt in den USA, besser in San Francisco, Merkens auf die Problematik der immer tiefer werdenden Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich auch in den sogenannten Ersten Welten aufmerksam. Mit ihren Installationen gelingt es ihr eindeutig, ein beklemmendes Bild der Realitaet zu zeichnen. Leer Puppengesichter, mit viel Liebe zum Detail hergestellt, sitzen in Szenerien, die betroffen machen:

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Some Update ... handmade stuff

Somehow I figured I could also update on my ... uhm, knitting/stitching/crocheting stuff. So, why not? This is stuff I made during winter and spring. So, feel free to ignore:

needed new curtains for my apartment-door and figured I could, instead of one longer, do some smaller and put them directly to the little windows. I sort of like it:

 photo IMAG1896_zpsbkc5owfw.jpg  photo IMAG1895_zpsds3nxip6.jpg

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Some thoughts about Ripper Street (season 3) & Penny Dreadful (season 2)

Ripper Street (season 3)

Finally I had a little time these days to catch up with Ripper Street *yay!*. We remember, show was cancelled after two seasons by BBC but resurrected for a third season by amazon. First thought: good for amazon (reminds me that I really have to watch Bosch now).

[Ripper Street season 3]What I liked was that they really spent the time in developing something there. This was definetely not a day after season 2's finale when the third season started. We learn, it's been YEARS since they whole little world was blown apart and the friend- and relationships ended in a boom!
Actually, my personal highlight during the first episode was the fact, that Reid and Jackson weren't on speaking terms when Benny finally came back to Whitechapel and was right in the middle of the chaos - literally speaking here. It was so funny to see those three again but under complete changed circumstances. By the way, good for Benny that he went to Manchester and became inspector there. If there was one who deserved it, he was!
Talking about Benny Drake, while I liked him especially during season 2 with all the ups and downs there he had to go through in hope to keep his relationship with Rose, I absolutely ADORE him in season 3. He's grown up (not that he wasn't before, heck, I think he is the oldest of the trio), and he respects Reid, yes, but he's also there on his own terms, called back to replace him as lead of the precinct. And he's growing during the season in a believable way. Only thing that bothers me is the fact that it takes no time for him to hook up with Rose again.
Rose, poor, poor Rose could have made it. Now engaged and ready to marry another man, she sees Benny and out of the blue the old fire is back? Ya, we saw how that turned out in season 2. Of course, background has also changed for her, not longer a prostitute but a successful singer. But, seriously, the scene in the finale when she was marrying Benny made me want to choke. I like Rose, I really do. I believe her that she loves Benny, but they are not good for each other. And I doubt that their marriage will/would hold. Rose is flighty, and just in case that Susan will survive the trial and calls in for Rose, Benny will be left alone again. Surely not what he deserves!
Talking about Susan. During the previous seasons she most likely was my favourite character, the Madame with character, heart and intellect. That she also could be ruthless and use her intime knowledge as well. And, actually, I wouldn't have like to change places with her during season 3. But personally I also thought it was way too much, turning her from a true grayish character with dark shades into the villian during the most of season 3 only to have her (weird) reckoning during the last episode, leaving her in the end in a cell, most likely being hanged for the murder of the 53 people in the first episode. Ya, she was back together again with Jackson then, the father of her unborn child (seriously? How often did they have sex during the previous seasons and then she's suddenly pregnant? Ooookay ... should help her avoiding the noose, at least until she gives birth ...) And I thought it was kind of funny how it took her to remember that she was the keeper of secrets. She could have got what she wanted/needed much faster and without that creep Capshaw she then killed to save Reid.
Which leads to Edmund Reid. The good thing: he's not hooking up with yet another woman and Susan's weird flirt attempts he's not reacting to. But if there's one character during season 3 who had the biggest reckoning, it was definetely him. Yes, he had always a thing for collecting evidence, heck, he was the one hiring Jackson in the first place! But this archive of his ... no wonder others are not sure if he's still sane. I mean, his collection IS definetely reliable, it proofs itself during nearly every episode, but he's really obsessed with all the tiny connections.
His hunt for Mathilda, who wasn't dead at all but held by a couple only a few streets from the precinct, was kind of cute, and him realizing that it was Susan and her creep who hid his own child from him ... not to talk about Susan shooting him and then killing her lawyer to manipulate the crime-scene ... ya. Okay, i get that. Mathilda, who's definetely not all sane, and him in the end retirering on the coast was completely weird. But, to quote Benny, Reid wasn't the same anymore after Susan shoot him.
What leaves Jackson, the good Doctor and Pinkerton. And finally, without Susan to rub himself at, but with Mimi on his side, he's finally doing what he's possibly the best in: his very own inventions of forensics. I loved to see him figure out the fingerprint-mystery to solve the crime of the flowergirl (no matter that it didn't matter in the end and the wife went to the gallows for her husband). Mimi brought up the best in him, without permanent fights and him cheating (okay, besides the dark-alley-sex with Susan one time) on her. somehow she's good for him, intelligent herself, intelligent enough to kick him when he's deserving it, leaving him alone if not. I wish there had been more about Mimi, this character was a great one. A shame that she finally gave up on him and left him so he could return to Susan. And Jackson teaming up with the newbie Grace was awesome! (and I don't have to mention that I feared the entire season for Grace ... luckily this time the newbie survived - finally!).
Another character *points to icon* I really feel the need to talk about this season was Best, our beloved pain in the backside ... ahm, journalist who wanted so permanently the truth and as a viewer you sometimes had the idea that he was on a personal vendetta with the police during the first two seasons. Do I really have to mention his death here? One of the best death-scenes I've EVER seen on screen! Best could shine during this season, he wasn't that asshole anymore. He lost someone he loved, and he was really digging long enough to get himself killed. And what a death! Tortured and broken, but he didn't give in and proofed himself a better man than I'd ever expected him to be. Finally! And I really cried some tears when the machine-gun killed him in the finale episode *sniff*.

So, what to say? There are good and bad things during the season. Somehow the entire season felt different, not only because they jumped years ahead from what last happened during the first seasons. The character development was believable, not always appreciated but believable. But somehow the season felt different, not only because of the ongoing storyline, there was something else I cannot quite name but felt different. But it was a good end for the show (if there won't be a fourth season) or end of an era with Reid leaving but Drakes stepping in for him.

Penny Dreadful (season 2 so far)

People who know me remember how deeply in love I was last year during season 1. And to be honest, I have no idea how often I rewatched the season since its finale last summer. I was happy and looking forward to season 2, especially after the last developments with Ethan's outing as a werewolf, and Viktor taking Brona's body to create a companion for The Creature. I felt like the storyarc around Sir Malcolm and Vanessa were over and both would return to more supporting roles to highlight the other characters and their storyarcs in season 2. Boy, was I wrong!

[Penny Dreadful season 2]After two episodes of season 2 I don't know what to say. As much as I still love Eva Green's performance, I'm kind of over with Vanessa again in the center of the storyline, this time hunted by witches instead of obsessed with ... whoever was in her during season 1 and with the vampires interested in her.
So, this time witches. Of course it is Madame Kali who's leading the coven, of course these witches are bad ones (as there can only be bad witches, US/Canada, GET OVER IT!), of course it's again Vanessa who's targeted. *sigh* And, sorry to say that, but Vanessa is not herself from the very beginning. She's a damsel in distress, and of course the gentlemen are there to support and help. Only interesting development so far: Vanessa meeting the Creature without knowing that they share an anquaintance. Where are her dry wit and the strong will from season 1? Cannot be far as season 2 is picking up in the next morning right after the massacre at the Inn. What the hell happened?
So far it's really Vanessa who's tipping me off the wrong way, because during season 1 she was such a gem and now she's such a mess. Oh, she cannot fight the witches! She's all alone with Ethan now sleeping next door but she's staying up all night in her room because she's afraid of the witch hiding in the shadows. Vanessa, you've fought (and succeeded) the devil last season, you cannot tell me that a bunch of witches, more interested in killing each other than really focused on you, is scaring you more than that! Can someone please hide the Valium so she can return to normal and kick some verbal ass?
Talking about kicking asses ... let's talk Viktor. I really want to see that scene when Ethan sees Lily for the first time. Ya, Viktor, you dyed Brona's hair, wow what a difference! It's still Brona, and she has no memories on the Creature (how could she? They never met). The one thing we know about these creatures is that they regain at least parts of their memories, the most powerful I would suggest. I'm pretty sure the moment Lily sees Ethan she will remember him, and if Ethan doesn't recognizes her he needs glasses. Man, I would pay money to see this scene, most likely with the Creature in the same room and Ethan all wolfing out on him. Immortal, your ass! We'll see how immortal the newly named John will be after Ethan rips out his throat!
Ethan, I really, really hope there will be more about his role in the massacre at the Inn. Hopeful the new inspector will get on his path, so far he seems more clever than the old one. Let's hope he is. Not because I want to see Ethan in jail but because that would be an awesome storyarc!
I'm not really sure what to make out of Dorian's journey right now. What is that supposed to mean? Healing trip to get over his broken heart because Vanessa rejected him? And now he's hooking up on that Drag-Queen ... ooookay ... Seriously, Dorian isn't of my interest, he never was. All I want to see is the painting as it's different from the novel. There it only took over his dark side, here it also heals him and I bet it also keeps him young. Dorian seems to me way too young looking for all the different interests he was talking about to Vanessa and Ethan during season 1. It was clear that he wouldn't be surprised after he found out that his date was a man not a woman.
Sir Malcolm wants to divorce. Is it me or was anybody else under the impression that Lady Murray was dead all along? Was kind of shocking to see her alive and kicking her husband (verbally) during the last episode. And somehow I start to doubt that Peter is really the one Sir Malcolm put to his grave back in Africa. Somehow I hope that all this mentioning of Peter will lead to something much more interesting as Sir Malcolm bewitched by Madame Kali.
What leads us to The Creature or, how he's now naming himself, John Claire. Still not fond of this guy. He really should have some anger management (no, Proteus is still not forgiven, no matter how hard you run on the tear-train Mister Monster!). While I've zero interest in him, this new location with the wax-museum ... oh so many possibilities! Yup, that setting is brilliant and hopeful there will be a storyarc which *hopeful* leads to Mr. Claire's demise ... okay, I would be pretty satisfied with him moving on to the North Pole and waiting there until Viktor will go join him at one point.
Besides, Viktor once more: what the hell? His dear friend van Helsing told him to become a vampire-hunter and what's he doing? Ya, I know, he had to create LIly to be free from the Creature but he could at least take a look into the material. I doubt that there were only two masters in London, he should be better prepared (and take some more lessons with Ethan. That scene in the basement last season was soooo cute!).
And last but not least Sembene. I don't know about anyone else but I am dying to get some more information about him, the big dark mystery in Sir Malcolm's house. There has to something for interest around him! He's way too good for a character only to be the bystander (plus he can seriously kick some ass). If my comparison of Sir Malcolm with Alan is correct, so should Sembene be Alan's friend, and that guy had a huge story on his own. Why not using it?

So, overall season 2 is, okay, after only two episodes but still, not very satisfying. What's a shame, seriously! As I still have some hope in John Logan I hope season 2 will become better. Heck, it was such a run during season 1. What's wrong now? Ya, witches, I remember *rolls eyes*