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1st-May-2014 03:03 am - Albums
As promised here are the collected links to all the albums I made for the cast of Grimm in other roles:

Bitsie Tulloch
The Artist
Lakeview Terrace
Parkland Gallery: complete *NEW*

David Giuntoli
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23rd-Jul-2014 10:38 pm - 4.02 Title revealed
Bitsie just revealed the title for episode 4.02 after you hopeful already saw the new Wesen I posted the other entry this afternoon. Well, the highly intelligent work in the writers room has now obviously an effect on the titles. No more lame wordplays but now you get it straight into the face. I'm just wondering, did they check out the German titles or hired one of the German translators for this gem?

 photo BtPR4MrCYAABRhp_zpsd903a90d.jpg
23rd-Jul-2014 06:22 pm - First Look at new Wesen
Call me a bitch but why I feel a huge reminder to PotC looking at the upcoming baddy - okay, looking at him, obviously not his character-description. Ahm, did I mention that I suddenly out of the blue feel the bitter need to line up as his cheerleader and hope he will finally kill of that massmurderer-Supergirl aka Miss Perfect aka Grimm's very own Mary Sue aka Trubel? Yeah, I am this bad when it comes to this girl, sorry.

Anyway, enough ranting, take a look at Octo-Man aka Gedaechtnis Esser. I hope he really will have some appetite ...

20th-Jul-2014 10:35 pm - Sleepy Hollow New Set of Cast-Photos!
Dear NBC *points to title*. What about that?

Okay, enough kidding. Fresh from ScreenSpy, and also fresh released. A new set of the season 2-cast of Sleepy Hollow. My comment? Looking gooood!


Do I really have to think about another PB-account for Sleepy Hollow? Okay, that's a retoric question ;)
20th-Jul-2014 03:17 pm - Happy GRIMMArt-Sunday!
And here we go. Who's following me (or GermanGrimmster) on Twitter has already seen the following. So, here we go, one set and a single wallpaper. I hope you like what you will see:

Wallpaper (August Man):
 photo augustmandgwp1_zps2dc913f2.jpg

Season 4 complete set (icon, banner, wallpaper, 2 cellphone-backgrounds):

 photo season4wp_zps22c0b2af.jpg

Same precedere than everytime: free to take and use. Wallpapers are thumbnails, click on them and you will get the normal size. Comments not necessary but very welcomed.
With thanks to IceIsNice from GW for finding and posting these.

Fenale DG-fans, attention! If you want to know what Mr. G. prefers in a girl and what he likes on dates, glamour has the answers for your burning questions:

On a Date with David Giuntoli


It's not that burning news anymore as Norberto already told about it on Twitter, but here's now the official statement:

Elizabeth Rodriguez is casted as Special FBI agent for a mysterious storyline in season 4.



And this just came in. Sorry, I don't understand french but I thought, it might worth sharing:

Sasha Roiz – Grimm : « Les scènes que j’aime le moins c’est quand mon personnage est au téléphone »
15th-Jul-2014 04:38 pm - Abadoned Merkur Lightbulb Factory
As someone on my f-list ;) has sort of suggested the idea and after I checked I really never posted those here, here we go. Bad Hyn broke the law last year and entered an abadoned complex for ... well, the official statement is, I searched a refuge from the rain outside and found an open door (inofficial statement, I was noisy and in adventure mood).

I remember this factory still opened for business when I was at school. And I actually don't know when they closed or why. The buildings are now abadoned for years, all of them are in danger to collapse. So I never made it really far into the old production-facility. Somehow I hope one day I will find the door open again to try to get in the old office part of the building and hopeful also on the next floors *if the stairs still in place and working, not like the one I found in there).

So, here we go, I hope you will like what you see. The complete Gallery-album you will find here:
Verlassene Merkur Gluehlampen Fabrik

Pics are free to take if you would like to, and I know I'm not that much of a photograph. Comment would be awesome but not necessary. You know the drill from the picspams ;).

 photo IMAG0103_zps9b6b2ec5.jpg  photo IMAG0102_zps2f6cdc45.jpg  photo IMAG0099_zpsd3995ebf.jpg

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15th-Jul-2014 10:16 am - 11 teasers for season4 and beyond
Thanks to IceIsNice from GW for finding this one.

During last Sunday's TCA David Greenwalt gave some hints what you guys have to expect from season 4.

15th-Jul-2014 01:39 am - Yahoo! First look
Thanks to GrimmWiki (and I should really start following yahoo! now ...) for finding and sharing this one.

The new season-poster is revealed, with it the new slogan: "Mortal. Danger". yahoo! has more news.

 photo BsioDOpCQAA10Yu_zpsbf2c958d.jpg
*thumbnail as in clickable*

yahoo! first look
Mit Dank an GretelHanselsister vom GrimmForum. Und ja, ich setze mich "demnaechst" an eine Uebersetzung.

Gretel hat den Bericht mitgeschrieben, und auch das Video verlinkt:

Themen der Woche

I was asked if I could do a translation of this, so, here you go: English-translation
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