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1st-May-2014 03:03 am - Albums
As promised here are the collected links to all the albums I made for the cast of Grimm in other roles:

Bitsie Tulloch
The Artist
Lakeview Terrace
Parkland Gallery: complete

David Giuntoli
KlickCollapse )
26th-Nov-2014 11:21 am - James Frain to attend on Orphan Black
With thanks to PiliTF for the headsup

Looks like another reason to finally give this show a try. I've heard a lot of good things about Orphan Black and maybe now I will finally try it :). At least they've done one thing right: casting James for season 3 :D

21st-Nov-2014 01:43 am - Sasha Roiz attends at Wizard World
With thanks to PiliTF from Twitter for the headsup.

Looks like everyone's favourite Captain will spend a visit to WizardWorld next year:

20th-Nov-2014 12:25 am - Silas Weir Mitchell Interview
Well, I just came home and checked my usual sources. Not new (I think) but Silas spoke about season 4 and the start of the Monrosalee-marriage:

KDrama Stars
15th-Nov-2014 06:35 pm - Early Ratings
And another drop for Grimm: 1.2 with a total in audience about 5 million. While Constantine *hopeful* starts to rise at least. Still in the yellows but's a 0.8 with 3.4 million. More than last week. Let's pull this, guys!

15th-Nov-2014 02:45 am - Claire Coffee Interview
Looks like SuperMama is still alive and kicking. Claire spoke with Hero Complex about her character on Grimm:

Claire Coffee talks
Go for it
With thanks to PiliTF

Fans near PDX, everyone around the world will envy you for this possibility to see two of the fan-magnets of Grimm live on stage. Early tickets are now available via PDX' Center Stage's website. Go, check it out - and don't forget to share your opinion later after you saw the play :).

PDX Center Stage
8th-Nov-2014 08:15 pm - Early Ratings
I'm really concerned about Constantine now. Okay, 1.03 wasn't the best episode so far but the show deserves much more better ratings. Come on, guys, give it a chance and ignore this ... whatever NBC decided to put in as a lead in.

1st-Nov-2014 07:05 pm - Early Ratings
Sorry, Jules and I are still with friends, so no long talk (or ranting). Promo pics I will post tomorrow when I'm home again, please check out grimmdailypic then. For now, the ratings:

I guess I lost my bet. I didn't thought Grimm would crash so fast so deep, but, here we go:
Grimm 4.02 got a 1.1 with only 4.55 million viewers in the early ratings (my bet was on 4.9 million, so ...)

Unfortunately Constantine (which had another awesome episode) is infected by Grimm's illness and only got a
0.9 with 3.92 million viewers.
Guys, turn in and watch Constantine. The show is good, only has a crappy and pathetic lead-in.

27th-Oct-2014 09:18 pm - Ratings: Live&SD
So, the final numbers are out. Surprisingly Grimm was adjusted up a little and pulled 5.30 million viewers in front of their TVs for the season opener which is still a 1.5. Saying that the premiere had gained some viewers back, 15 % grown to season 3's finale to tell the truth.
But it's still the weakest premiere in Grimm's history. Just to compare, season 3 started with a 8.7 million viewers. That means the show lost within 22 episodes more than 3 million viewers - ouch!

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