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1st-May-2014 03:03 am - Albums
As promised here are the collected links to all the albums I made for the cast of Grimm in other roles:

Bitsie Tulloch
The Artist
Lakeview Terrace
Parkland Gallery: complete *NEW*

David Giuntoli
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Mit Dank an GretelHanselsister vom GrimmForum. Und ja, ich setze mich "demnaechst" an eine Uebersetzung.

Gretel hat den Bericht mitgeschrieben, und auch das Video verlinkt:

Themen der Woche

I was asked if I could do a translation of this, so, here you go: English-translation
Just in case you need to refresh your knowledge now we are in the middle of the hiatus:


And this just came in via Bitsie's Twitter. She gave an interview to BBC *impressed*

Grimm Up North!
It's not a new vid but I never saw this one before, nor I knew he had ever did an interview with people magazine. Well, I was wrong and here it is. Oh good old times when a BabyGrimm awoke ...

people magazine


Thanks to Pili for finding this one.
Looks like my current favourite actor is ready for a very stupid move. But, well, maybe he will get a rise like I suspect someone else got last season *shrugs*.

9th-Jul-2014 12:11 pm - Sleepy Hollow Season 2 first promo
OMG! This is looking AMAZING! And Abbie? "This is war!" Yes, yes, YES! I soooo cannot await to watch!

8th-Jul-2014 02:16 pm - Grimm Novels als Hoerbuecher
Fuer solche, die nicht genug von Grimm bekommen, aber keine Zeit/Lust zum Lesen haben, bietet amazon's "Audible" die deutschen Versionen exklusiv als Hoerbuecher an - d.h. Band 2 Die Schlachtbank ist jetzt vorbestellbar und wird voraussichtlich am 30.07.2014 veroeffentlicht. Band 1 Der eisige Hauch ist sofort erhaeltlich.

Audible bietet guenstige Abo-Angebote, bei denen auch ansonsten sehr teure Hoerbuecher sofort erhaeltlich sind, oder aber man fuer 1 Guthaben mehrere Hoerbuecher erhaelt. Zudem bietet Audible auch die Moeglichkeit, fremdsprachige Hoerbuecher downloaden.

Der eisige Hauch
Die Schlachtbank
7th-Jul-2014 11:19 pm - Bitsie Tulloch cast in Franco-movie
Sorry, this news isn't so new anymore, two weeks ago Bitsie herself already told about this on her Twitter-account. But now I've found the matching article. So. Bitsie is casted in a Michel Franco movie called "Chronic". And if this news isn't good enough for you - she will play along with Tim Roth! And that is (for me) a dream comes true! I really, really, really hope the two will have screentime together!

deadlineHollywood via GrimmForum

(Sorry for the weird link. LJ and deadline Hollywood seem to have a grudge lately. Not the first time I cannot link an article from there)
7th-Jul-2014 04:26 pm - Picspam Nick in 1.17 Love Sick
Another of my favourites from season 1. The third time the GrimmGang is working together, and this teamwork is getting better an better. And, as we know now, beside the Pilot and 1.13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau most likely the most important episode of the show as here Adalind gets her reason for what she's doing in the finale later, what will cause what happens in season 2 and finally (as far as its known) cause the 3rd season finale - somehow (if someone would explain to me, please, how to whatever-shes-done-with-Nicks-Grimm will help her getting her Hexenbaby back - which IS already reduced to a normal child, come on, we are talking the biggest Wesen-hater on earth here!).

Well, okay, besides my, as you can see, still existing problems I think 1.17 deserves a picspam, as it was one hell of an episode. Same memo than ever: pics free to take and use, commenting - AWESOME! but not necessary. Full album you will find at TeamGiuntoli's Gallery.

Have simply fun with the pics and hopeful some nice memories like I had during capping :)

 photo LS-117-009_zpsba3421c2.jpg  photo LS-117-019_zps7538e837.jpg  photo LS-117-018_zpsf0e9ab43.jpg
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4th-Jul-2014 02:24 am - 4.01 Title revealed
This starts early! But filming season 4 also starts early as Bitsie just told at Twitter. And she also revealed the title of the premiere-episode:

Thanks for the memories

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